Good Food and a warm KITCHEN is what makes a house , A HOME

“Good Food and a warm KITCHEN is what makes a house , A HOME

The kitchen is the heart of the home and therefore it is important to ensure that, when planning your kitchen space, you think about how it can be used in the most practical and functional way as well as making sure it looks beautiful.

Many times, I have been asked from my clients, “Preksha, modular kitchen is better or carpenter made kitchen?” Here`s a quick comparison to help you decide.

Modular kitchens are made up of modules of cabinets. They give a modern outlook to your kitchen and can be easily dismantled. Whereas, carpenter made kitchens are traditional method by local carpenters. They are built from scratch according to the requirements of clients.

Modular kitchen designs have a smooth finish, carpenter made kitchen designs can be personalized as per your needs.

Modular kitchens are made up of engineered wood that is quite durable and easy to maintain in the long run. Carpenters make kitchen with plywood, which is far more durable at a higher cost.

You can get yourself a modular kitchen within the initial estimated budget during your enquires, as price hardly varies. In case of carpenter made kitchens, price varies according to your requirements and the charges of your carpenter. So, it can be concluded that if you have the patience to deal with carpenters and need a more personalized kitchen, a carpenter made kitchen may not necessarily be a bad choice! However if you are looking for a flexible, easy to maintain kitchen with a smooth finish and good quality cabinetry, you should definitely opt for modular one!

Every kitchen is customized or designer according to each home owner`s individual requirements. One must decide how the family intends to use the space and plan the layout accordingly. You want closed kitchen or open kitchen that allows interaction with family or guests., need to be planned. The different kitchen layout include a one wall kitchen, L-shaped kitchen, U-shaped kitchen, island kitchen or a gallery kitchen.

Second step is to plan the zones for different function like food preparations, cooking , storage etc. Use the cabinets for utensils and integrate a pantry to store cooking supplies and consumables. This is a great way to create an organized and clutter free kitchen.

Very important point to remember is to incorporate work triangle. The work triangle connects three important work areas of the kitchen: the cooktop, sink and refrigerator. This area should be unobstructed and the distance between each zone should range from 4ft. to 9ft. so that one can efficiently move between tasks such as cooking, cleaning and food preparation.

Make provisions for power outlets and electrical appliances at the planning stage. Illuminate the kitchen with a layered lighting arrangement. The overall general lighting should comprise ceiling mounted and there should be task lighting above the cooktop and under cabinet lighting with LED strip lights to illuminate the countertops The kitchen should have window for natural ventilation and a chimney and exhaust fan to extract smoke that are released while cooking.    

Invest in quality materials for the kitchen. Materials like granite and quartz are good choices for the kitchen countertops. We can use BWR (boiling water resistant) plywood rather that MDF for the cabinets and of course SS finish hardware that does not rust.


As per Vsatu Shastra, the waya house designed can influence the flow of energies around us. From living beings to non-living objects, everything has an impact on the energy flow, which is why Vastu guidelines must be followed to ensure positivity and eliminate the negative energies.

  • The right direction of kitchen as per Vatu is the South East corner of the house, which is ruled by the Agni or Fire God. Thus , it is the ideal kitchen position as per Vasty guidelines. If this place is not available, the one can consider North West but avoid North, West and North East direction.
  • One should face east while cooking. Facing South is a big NO, as this leads to health problems for the person and financial losses for the family.
  • Sink should always be kept North East direction as it represents the water. Also remember, that the sink and the stove should never be kept beside each other as the elements  and repel each other.
  • As per Vastu principles, storage cupboard should be fitted in the southern and western wall of kitchen.
  • The placement of drinking water is very important. Water bottles, R/O purifiers, earthen pots or any other water related vessels should be kept in North East direction.
  • Door of the kitchen or entrance of the kitchen should be on the East, West or North side.
  • Toilet/ Bathroom should not be above, below or adjoining to the kitchen.
  • Never keep the flooring, wall of a kitchen and countertops in black or blue colour.
  • Good colours to use for the kitchen floor and walls are orange, red, yellow, brown and rose pink, and for the colour of a kitchen slab, depends on the direction of a kitchen.
    • If your kitchen is in the East direction, then it is best to use a green or brown coloured slab.
    • For South or southeast direction maroon, brown or green slabs are advisable.
    • For West, grey or yellow slab is ideal.
    • For north, green is the best colour.
  • All electronic appliances should be  kept in South East direction or near the South wall of the kitchen.
  • If you are placing a dining table in your kitchen, avoid placing it in the centre. The table must be in the North West corner.
  • Last but not the least, keep dustbin in the North West corner of the kitchen.

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