Nowadays, the use of plants in modern Interior Design is getting more and more popular. Not only making places more appealing and alive, they also play a role in our overall health. As an Interior Designer, I always get asked for ideas on how to best and properly decorate homes. Questions vary from paint colors to flooring types, from cabinet materials to what to hang on the walls. However, people are generally looking for ease of maintenance and durability on all fronts, and I can`t blame anybody for that! I am all over it, especially having a young family. The one thing people don’t often take into consideration , is the alternative green and healthy way to decorate a home or better, plant decorating.

Plants can be used as accent pieces or to soften any area. It reduces stress and anxiety. It makes us feel calmer and self-aligned. It’s a natural filter to improve the quality of air to breathe.

But before adding plants to our designs, firstly it is important to analyse the space. We need to observe that which part of space should be brightened up, and choose best spot for plants. Make sure don`t clutter your space. It is really important to carefully choose a pot that goes with your design, that will make a big difference and create the look and feel you desire. Small plants look beautiful in interiors. Due to their  low maintenance they are perfect for basically any space in the house. Plants can be decorated in collection. A collection pf plants is a group of plants assembled by either a common aspect or simply by taste. Plants can be kept on shelves along with books and photo frames, giving it more conducive and relaxing environment. Plants wall hangers are also very creative idea to dress up the walls.

Secondly, it is important to check the direction of the space, where the plants are going to placed. As per Vastu, North and East direction is considered auspicious for gardening in the home. If a garden is set up in this direction, it will always maintain positive energy in your home or your office for that matter and keep negative energy away. Vastu shastra suggests, the garden should never be kept in South and West direction Spiky or thorny plants should never be planted in North direction. Top ten recommended plants for home and offices are:

  1. Tulsi ( Holy Basils)
  2. Lavender plant
  3. Rosemary
  4. Money plant
  5. Snake plant
  6. Jade
  7. Aloe vera
  8. Lucky Bamboo
  9. Jasmine
  10. Hibiscus

So, enjoy your Plant Shopping!!


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