Not having art in your space is like living in a black and white world when color is an option. Various types of pictures/ paintings and the places where they are displayed affects the dwellers of the house. Hence. Any painting should be hung or displayed after careful thinking. Right paintings for home decor help in the flow of positive energy in the house. The same thing applies to idols and artifacts also. Colors of the paintings plays an significant part in the Vastu of a space. My latest blog on VASTU PAINTINGS is sure to lend you a hand in picking the perfect paintings for your space, to give you a happy and peaceful life.

Inauspicious paintings:

  1. There should be no paintings of Ramayana or Mahabharata or depicting war.
  2. Paintings of phantom, crying children, men or women are not suitable.
  3. Paintings of thorny plants, dry flowers, naked trees should not be displayed.
  4. Paintings of God and Goddesses should also not be used for decoration.
  5. Paintings which generate feelings of fear, anger or any such thing should be avoided.

Auspicious paintings:

  1. Paintings of water bodies, full of water, birds and tanks blooming with lotus flowers are presentable.
  2. Seven white horses galloping on South wall of the house indicates speed, victory and achievement.
  3. Paintings or symbol in pair is the ultimate symbol of harmonious bonding between couples.
  4. For the living area , paintings with running water such as fountains and sea paintings should be picked.
  5. Greenery rich painting with a shining sun and a clear blue sky is considered good for the South East direction of the house.
  6. The picture of flying birds strengthens our financial side.
  7. Buddha is a symbol of peace and knowledge. His fingers in Mudra posture brings positive energies around.

Art is one of the most effective ways to release happy hormones in our body, whether we realize it or not. Inspirational paintings can be picked for workplaces to motivate and encourage employees to continue being more productive.

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