Mirrors are often used as an art displays in Interior Designing. They can make a room feel larger, seem more balanced, appear more bright and it distributes space and light in a way that contributes to the energy of the room. Lot of people tend to use mirror especially in room, corridors or hallways because they are able to visually expand it, but mirror should be placed in right position and right direction.

Yes, in Vastu Shastra, mirrors have the capacity to stagnate and deteriorate energy. Applying simple changes in mirror placement, one could increase wealth in your house. Mirror have the extraordinary capability to reflect anything that falls upon it.  It can double the positive aspects of Vastu. It can channel positive energy and absorb negative energy.

Mirrors which are damaged or cracked should never be used. Size of the mirror should also be compatible and appropriate according to the size of the room and the space. It is suggested to avoid irregular shapes of the mirror. Square and rectangle shapes are considered most auspicious.

Mirrors in dining area are very auspicious in a way, it aids in improving health, increasing wealth and food in the house. According to Vastu, mirrors should not face north or east. This may reflect away positive energy entering from north and east direction.  Avoid using mirrors in bedroom and if there is a mirror in bedroom, then it should not face the bed. Mirror placed in drawing room, staircase and etc. should always be as big as human being in standing form and big mirrors in bathroom should be avoided.

I wish and I hope these little tips can bring prosperity, wealth and happiness in your life.

23rd February,2022

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