Interior Design is an art that combines a person’s personality with their preference, to create a significant representation of their inner self. It is a blank canvas on which we fill a blank canvas on which we fill the colours and add the nuances of wood work, ceramic and glass. We bring them all together to create a natural and logical flow in residential and commercial properties. Although

interior designing is largely focused on creativity, we also need to look at the implication of the colour theme we used. Since the client and their family spent hours in their rooms we design, we need to take the psychology of colours into account for their benefit.

Colours affect moods, personality, feelings and physical energies. When exposed to different colour vibrations, human is known to experience changes in their mental, emotional and physical states. Vastu is all about energy and vibrations. Every colour has its own vibration and it travel in different frequency. According to studies, colour when transmitted from eye to brain, brain released a hormone affecting the emotions, mind clarity and energy levels. If we are able to recognise appropriate colours which evoke feeling of happiness and pleasure, one can use such colours in their surrounding to keep themselves positive all the time. However, choice of colours depend upon personality & taste of specific person, such as red represents beauty and boldness to some, while danger to other. So for a Vastu & Interior expert, it is very necessary to consider all such factors while deciding colours for the ambience they live in.

Vastu Shastra Colour Tips for Home: –

  1. North east is the direction that gives us a clear mindset. According to Vastu Shastra, any light shade of blue is ideal to enhance its impact for this corner. Other then blue; silver, grey, brown, green, off-white, cream or any other metallic shades are also good.
  2. East direction homes have strong social connection with lots of good energies from nature. To balance it out and get most from this direction, we can use tangerine shades for the walls
  3. South East direction symbolises cash, fire and liquidity. Pink, red, orange, lilac, purple or aqua green are great for you.
  4. Vastu says a balanced south direction gives fame and relaxation at the same time. These two elements are quite difficult to manage in real life. Try shades in light brown or green. Mint Green is an amazing choice for a warm and relaxing environment.  Other then that ruby, pink and tangerine are always bright options for south direction.
  5. South West is an independent direction when it comes to home. The energy from the southwest corner invests into a relationship, skill building and guidance. Pink or red is an ideal colour for South west. If you are renovating the entire house, any shed in red colour is a perfect choice.
  6. As per Vastu, it is not advisable to use any earthy tone for west direction. Avoid any colour that has green or brown undertones. However, white, cream or coral are always safe option to go for in West direction.
  7. Healthy living needs support to go on whether it is from a relationship or finance, you should not be neglecting it. If the north west direction extends towards north, blue will be ideal pick. Otherwise, white is a great choice to both banking and support equally.
  8. North direction symbolise opportunities, new beginning and growth in life. Earthy tones are perfect for this direction. However, to keep it bright and glowing, you always have yellow in palette

The colours are the bearers of joy & laughter, and obviously  are the most important aspect of the HOLI festival and playing with these colour holds a lot of significance. I wish all my readers a Very Happy Holi


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