A woman makes a house a home. She strikes a balance between her social and religious responsibilities as she shoulders a wide variety of delicate tasks at home. So, the woman of the house plays an important role in Vastu Shastra.

Maintaining the vastu of a place, be it a home or a palace, and is a delicate task. It aims at the natural flow of energies and is an ancient practice that has evolved by learned seer and sagas, for the welfare of mankind. Many of us have heard the phase `The Universe is made up of five elements- Water, Fire, Air, Earth and Space`. It is the basic fundamental around which vastu shastra is based upon. These five elements also govern the premises in which we stay or work . The materials used while constructing homes comes from all of these five elements. Just like everything else, we humans are also made up of the five elements.

The woman is the central pivot of the house. If the following tips are followed for her wellbeing, it will go a long way in making even the household robust:

  1. Couples should avoid north east bedroom and use more of the southern zone.
  2. At any times she is feeling weak, tired or ill, she should try spending more time in the East part of the house. East brings power of the rising Sun, which is good for her bones, heart and overall blood circulation.
  3. Meditation and practising breathing exercise in the North East direction which is considered Health zone of the house would bring in much peace and holistic health for the women of the house.
  4. Vastu imbalance in a North East and South East together leads to significant health issues with the majority in females.
  5. Kitchen in South West or West causes tremendous tiredness in women.
  6. If the prayer room or abode of God placed in any direction other than the North East zone leads to fatigue, unstable mind or hormonal disbalance in women.
  7. Central place or Brahmasthan of the house should be weightless an open to balance hormonal level in women.
  8. Add water element to the North East part of the house to enhance female energy and will help make them prosperous and rise in prominence.
  9. Main entrance door in South East direction can affect the health of women living in the house. So, don’t construct the main door in this direction.

Women `s health must be given importance so that the entire family can stay healthy and happy.

I wish all my readers a very Happy Women`s Day.


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