The home reflects our true personality, and when it comes to interior designing, its essential to focus on the entrance and door designs for the home. Entrance of the home is the first thing which is noticed by visitors when they enter our home. If our entrance is designed exciting and unique, it secures the attention of everyone who steps inside the house. In this blog, we will learn about how we can decorate our home entrance and the Vastu points to be followed when we are designing our entrance. 

Let`s start with façade itself, the entry door , which we just spoke of. If your house goes by a theme, say if you have all white or beach interiors, paint your entrance door beige or distressed white. If you have bold dark interiors, don’t shy away from painting your door a bold and dark colour. For neutral interiors, keep the door in a natural colour or add a pop of cherry red. We can try bold shades of ochre yellow or plum for the entryway wall, or patterned wallpaper is also a great option. We can choose functional furniture that suits family needs. A sleek console table with storage can be used as a shoe rack. Bring in seating like a sleek chair or two, or an art deco bench. And upholster it in style with ethnic or designer fabrics and a few cushions for comfort. Pick an antique handles or knocker to make a serious design statement on the main door itself. Show off one or two pieces of your art collection at the foyer, be it a painting or a sculpture, and it will pay off by grabbing eyeballs. Don’t forget your Green Friends. Yes, plants are one of the most inexpensive yet most welcoming décor elements we can use. Tall fiddle leaf figs, Areca palm or snake plant in brass pots or stoneware can be used or a bunch of fresh flowers to extend a warm , hearty welcome to your home. One thing we Indian homeowners love to abide by, is tradition. Home should be elegant, vibrant and traditional. A stunning gold statue of Buddha or Ganesha  placed on the entrance creates a serene ambiance. While the use of hardwood flooring, makes you want to take off your shoes and experience the wood beneath. 

 The main entrance holds great importance within the framework of Vastu Shastra. Apart from welcoming family and guests, all energy enters and exits a home, impacting various aspects of those staying in it. It is a transition zone through which cosmic energy to flow in and out of the house. To allow the right form of energy to flow in your home, it is important to choose the right combination of Vastu colours for your main entrance or door. Lighter colours in combination with some amount of green. It might be a painted wall or even plants can be used.

The main door direction as per vastu should always be to the northeast, north, east or west as these directions are considered auspicious. Avoid having the main entrance door in southwest, south, northwest or southeast direction. The main entrance door must be bigger than any other door of your home. Door accessories must be polished and hinges must be oiled regularly, and also that the door/main entrance does not have any missing screws or chipped wood peeking out. Wood is the best material for home entrance. It also rectify vastu dosha, if the main entrance is facing the wrong direction. Make your door look beautiful with divine Swastik or Om symbol. Using a mirrors as a piece of decoration for the entrance is often a smart decision with relatively small spaces. But we need to be very careful, as they have the ability to reflect both good and bad energy from the surroundings. It should never be placed directly opposite the main entrance. Instead it needs to be at a 90 degree angle to the door to attract positive energy. The area around the main entrance should be clean. Avoid keeping dustbins and broken things near the entrance as per vastu.

As per main door vastu, having a nameplate on the entrance or in front of the main door invites good health, wealth and prosperity. 

 And a very important point to be remembered, every home should have a raised threshold outside the main entrance. As per the vastu principles for home entrance, a slightly raised threshold acts as a barrier against negative energies. This ensures that they bounce away from the entrance itself.  

I  hope these tips will bring positivity and a styling look to your home entrance. Happy Living.

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