Post Pandemic , the  lines between home and office have blurred. When everyone had to resort to working from home, little did anyone anticipate that this way of working might become a more permanent thing for the years to come.

Small Office Home Office , a term that refers to the small and home office environment and the business culture that surrounds it. In some cases, the workplace is a designated space established within the business owner`s residence (home office) where they conduct their business task on regular basis.

If we spend the full work week in our home office or even just a few hours, its important that it should be comfortable and inviting place to spend time and o get our work done efficiently. Sharing some tips for creating a beautiful and a practical home office design.


SOHO can be in different room, or in a quiet corner or even in your kitchen. The key to selecting the right place of our home office is to think about where and when you do your work. However, if you are a professional , you`ll want to select a space that is away from the daily flow and distractions of our household.


Choose a right desk and chair for home office is essential. Desk should be wide enough for anything to do our work. And we should invest in good quality chair that is comfortable and adjustable, if possible. Your neck and back will Thank You.


Make sure to include enough shelving, filling cabinets or cupboards for our storage needs. Keep the current work within our arm`s reach. Don`t forget reference materials- if we use manuals, catalogues, or reference books, locate a shelf near the desk to keep them close at hand.


If we have a room to have a small meeting area, then it is ideal. Otherwise plan for some additional seating in our home office design to allow for sit down meetings.


Don’t sacrifice with the style! The best part about working from home is that YOU can decide how you want your home office to look and feel. Think about what inspires you . It could be your favorite piece of art work, a collection of objects or a simple family picture. Include these personal touches to your design . I am sure they will brighten up your day.


Home Office set up should be in the house`s South West, West or South direction as per Vastu. These directions are known to generate a productive work environment and to provide stability at work.

Light and neutral colours for your home office create the right atmosphere to help you deliver your best. Dark colors like black and blue should be avoided.

Keep bamboo plant on your working desk, because it signifies growth. You can have bamboo in water which shows flexibility, that’s how we should be, flexible. If we are rigid, no one will be able to connect to us.

Another , there should be table clock, which should be visible to you as well a s to the person sitting across you, so that time management should be managed between both the people.

Do not leave your laptop and mobile wires on charge all the time. Once the gadgets are charged, remove them from the desk. Having a cluttered desk attracts more clutter and make you feel miserable. Keep your desk clean to attract good vibes.

Sit straight and always keep a cushion behind your back. It signifies support system at your back. It can also have a picture of your loved ones or any God, any motivational quote or a symbol of wealth like rupees or dollar.

We work for money so there is no harm in loving wealth.

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