At Preksha Interio, we adopt a minimal straightforward approach to our projects, and prefer not to compromise on the personal touch we believe each project deserves. Every project is different and the idea for each design flows with functionality, keeping in mind the design ethics, space management and detailing. Each design is in sync with the style aesthetic of the specific client.

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Home Interior

With Beautiful Homes Service, all you do is sit back and relax. We take care of everything for you: from personalized designs to hassle-free execution

Restaurant Interior

Restaurant interior design is the key to attracting customers. It should be like a magnet for guests, promising them both an exceptional culinary and sensory experience . So if you have just bought a restaurant or are starting from scratch, we are the best option you might have.

Office Interior

Employees often spend more time in the office than they do at home. ... With that in mind, it makes sense that well-designed offices can increase employee morale, productivity, efficiency, and overall attitude at home.

Salon Interior

Whether it’s a new or returning customer entering your salon, always make sure it looks presentable and clean. Remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression, so make it count!

Showroom Interior

Budgets vary, but at very little cost, interior design can return huge revenues. Enhancing the saleability of the property beyond, even, the imagination of the developer – a well-presented showroom can maximise sale potential well beyond projected figures.

Color Consultancy

According to Vastu, colour therapy plays a paramount role in balancing our body, mind and spirit. The diverse shades stimulate energy into different spaces and positively influences the home and its inhabitants. Vastu Shastra enunciates that the flawless placement of your home is a matter of direction and colours; it states that different colours are ideal for certain directions in your home. No matter how busy our schedules are, or how little time we spend at home, having the right Vastu colours for our home is vital.

Modular kitchen

Expect a Sleek-made modular kitchen that blends function with elegance and makes cooking a dream.

3d Rendering

3D Renderings are a very useful tool in the Interior's toolbelt. They help us to effectively communicate designs to our clients, and they can help clients communicate their goals to other audiences.

False Ceiling Design

false ceiling of any place is very important as they make any place look otherworldly. The fifth wall or the ceilings not only helps in conserving energy, reducing wastage but also reducing the need for air conditioning while creating a perfect personalized homely decor.

Commercial Interior

Interior designing is as important in commercial space as in a residential area. It is our primary responsibility to make the commercial spaces comfortable so that people can feel quite at home, thereby making them more dedicated to their tasks.


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